Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I am Jen Johnson. My husband is Jake Johnson. We started this blog in an effort to share what we have learned in marriage so far, talk about DIY (we do a lot), travel, and we may also talk about real estate.


A little about us both. JEN: I am studying to be a real estate agent. I have worked in real estate since graduating college. I worked for a builder selling new construction homes. I found great success, but am looking to go out on my own now. OBVIOUSLY, we love Chip and Joanna Gaines and draw inspiration from not only their design style, but also the way they have gone about creating their lives. I am a Colorado State University graduate and loved every second of college, but am happy to never go back. I am a huge social butterfly and love meeting people and hearing their stories. Jake is more introverted, but has learned to love socializing more and more. We balance each other well 🙂

JAKE: Jake served in the Marines for 5 years and got to travel the world. His job was to work on the helicopters and he loved it. He is from Minnesota and a huge Vikings fan. He comes from a big wonderful family and has four siblings who are all still back in Minnesota. He is now an electrical engineer with a passion for energy. He works for a great company in Boulder, CO and is hoping to join a project where he gets to work on rebuilding joining Puerto Rico’s grid.


Marriage has been the best journey of our lives so far. We are almost two years married and have loved every second of it. Definitely, have seen our fair share of good and bad, but love doing life together. We started dating in October of 2016. We were engaged by February of 2017 and married August 5th, 2017. Everybody bet that I was pregnant. I was not, we just knew almost immediately that we were going to get married even though our first date was a disaster :). We just purchased our first house in September of 2018 and have had so much fun doing many DIY projects. We plan to share them here with you. I love interior design even though I am not the best. I find real enjoyment in it.


This is just a little bit about us and we look forward to sharing more about our lives on here. Feel free to also follow our Instagram where we post pictures and videos of our daily life.


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