Welcome Back! Sorry I have been MIA for a bit. We went out of the country and then both Jake and I were pretty sick. I also finished my class for my real estate license, YAY!!

I wanted to get this one out. One of my main focuses for this blog is going to be DIY. Jake and I love projects and are constantly thinking of ways we can do DIY that may improve our house, but also how to keep the cost as low as possible. We are definite penny pinchers when it comes to projects so whatever we can learn how to do ourselves we will.


We recently bought a brand new house. You are probably thinking, what could you possibly do to a brand new house? Well, the builder charged an arm and a leg for a lot of things, even as simple as painting our walls anything but white so we decided to take on quite a few projects on our own to save money, but also really make the house feel like our own. Since it is not a custom home, a lot of homes in our neighborhood have the same floor-plan so we wanted to make sure even thought the layout is the same, ours looks nothing like anyone else’s and really reflects our personal style. As you can see below our living room was really plain when we closed on the house. We took two weeks to do a bunch of projects before moving in. Here is what it looked like before we did anything to it.


We are hugely inspired by Chip and Joanna Gaines and our style is definitely modern farmhouse. As I put out more pictures of your home you will see really modern touches like light fixtures or patterns or even our fireplace mixed with rustic wood and lots of neutrals layered with different textures to keep it nice and warm and inviting.

I had around 11 months while the house was being built to start figuring out what we wanted. I went through quite a few different ideas before figuring it out. We definitely knew we wanted something on either side of the fireplace. We kept tossing around the idea of built in’s but it wasn’t quite clicking. We knew we also wanted to incorporate some rustic wood on the wall. We finally landed on rustic wood planking with open white shelving braced with black iron brackets. Here is how we installed. We found the rustic wooden planks at home depot pre-finished and just used a nail gun to nail them to the wall. Then we bought 2×12 and cut them down to fit on either side of the fireplace then painted them white. We also got the iron brackets from home depot. The install took about 2 days total for this.

By this point we had also started painting the house. For the living room and kitchen I chose a neutral grey with a bit of a green tone. I wanted to keep things neutral but Jake likes color so this was our compromise ( I know I am lame). We both LOVE how it turned out. The paint color is Sherwin Williams Austere Grey in a semi gloss so that hopefully in the future marks can be wiped off the walls easily haha. The final result with furniture and the shelves up is below!


What do you think? Did we do a good job? Would Joanna Gaines approve? Sound off in the comments! We are thrilled with the outcome and look forward to all the happy memories to come in this space!

Thanks for reading<3



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