This one took us forever. Partially because I am not finished with decor, but I decided I am just going to put it up here. I realized I am probably going to need a custom Laundry sign for what I am looking to do. Anyways, thank you all for your patience. I am so excited to share this with you. This was definitely blood sweat and tears for Jake and I. Do you ever start a project and it seems like things just keep going wrong? That was this one for us. Here is the before picture. It isn’t that great because it is such a narrow space and at the time I only had a phone camera so my apologies.


As you can see, it was not the most beautiful or the most functional. It had no storage whatsoever, not even a shelf. We got to work planning and originally I had wanted to wallpaper the wall. We ordered some really cool geometric wallpaper but installing it was AWFUL. I ordered the peel n’ stick and the patterns of this very intense geometric pattern would not line up to save our lives. We also realized our walls are not square with our ceiling. We scrapped that and decided to tile it. That was much easier and kind of fun. The tile we used is from Floor and Decor. It is called Carrera Matte Gray Porcelain 12×24 and it was about $1.39 per sq. ft.

After tiling, we installed cabinets. They are just the basic grey cabinets from home depot just two 24″ base cabinets. We wanted all drawers so there are two large drawers and one small up top. We then installed the countertop which is butcher block from Ikea called Barkaboda. It cost us around $220 .

We stained a 2×10 to match the counter to use as a shelf. It was hard to match but we settled on Early American by Minwax. We then bought piping from home depot and spray painted it a coppery rose gold to match the pulls for the cabinets. The finished product is one we are really in love with!

Thank you for stopping by to see the finished product! I may update later with the rest of the decor I use. Decor currently in the laundry room is all from Homegoods and Target except for the picture, which was created by my Grandma:).


Looking forward to our next transformation? Please click the follow button so you don’t miss it! I will be revealing our master bedroom!



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