8 Best Home Decor Items on Amazon

I hope you are all here because your addiction to Amazon is just as bad as mine. When Jake and I moved into our new house, it was just so much easier to order stuff rather than go to 10 different stores to try to find what I wanted. I definitely had to return a few things but I wanted to recap the top 8 items I found on Amazon for Decor that I absolutely love!


I had to start with a blanket. If there is one thing I can’t stop buying, it is throw blankets. I have quite a few. I feel like people always come over and want a blanket near them, on them, or around them so you can never have too many, at least that’s what I tell myself. This one is so incredibly soft. It always looks amazing draped over a chair and comes in a ton of colors. The size and color I ordered is the 50″x65″ in white. The only thing I will say is the white is pretty creamy, it is definitely not a snow white.


So, I have a thing for throw blankets, and throw pillows….These are just the covers. They are velvety soft, come in tons of colors and sizes. What I love is, it is WAY less expensive to purchase a set of these and cover a pillow you no longer like the look of, than to buy a whole new set. It is also way easier, you don’t have to then figure out what to do with the old pillows. I love velvet right now because it can add so much cozy dimension and texture to a space. Once it becomes outdated, just switch out the cover!



Okay, I realize the Amazon image on this one is not that great. I tried taking a photo of my own, but I am not a great photographer. If you are looking for a rug for your hallway. This one is so great! Rugs can be so expensive, and not always wear very well. I ordered this one in beige, it was a great price and looks barely worn after a year with my two crazy pups! That is impressive, especially for the price. Go look at the rest of the photos amazon has to get a better idea if you are interested. It also comes in a ton of colors!


This is probably the decor item, from Amazon, I get the most complements on. This is a table runner that I keep on my long dining table. It is really well made and adds so much style to any table. It comes in a few different styles. The one pictured is the one that I have in Navy Blue. I love decorating with different shades of blue and green so this one fits perfectly in my home. If you are looking for something more colorful or more neutral, they have some other options. It has lasted me very well all year through quite a few different get-togethers.


We have had these barstools for two years now. We love them. We ordered them in the gun metal grey and 24″ counter stool. They add such a industrial modern edge to the kitchen. They have lasted really well over the last two years and we sit at our counters most nights to eat so they get tons of use. In terms of bar stools, they are extremely well priced.



Continue my obsession with anything comfy or cozy. I love sheepskin rugs. They add beautiful texture and richness to any space. In my master bedroom, I put an 8×10 rug under my bed with a bench at the end of my bed and layered this on top of the large rug but under the bench. I sometimes lay it over the bench as well. (Stay tuned for master bedroom reveal, coming soon!) It adds so much to the space, and it doesn’t have to be an extremely expensive purchase to look gorgeous. It is also a great rug for layering. A thin, patterned large rug with this on top looks great!


So, baskets may not technically be decor, but to me they are a stylish way to hide and organize, so purposeful decor. These took me a really long time to find on Amazon because I needed larger wicker baskets that did not cost a fortune. These deliver. They are a great size for storage and they also look stylish. We use them to store board games on our built in shelves in our living room. Check out living room Transformation to see how the built in shelves turned out!


Okay, I had to include two sets. When I was looking for the coasters on the left to link for you guys, I found the hexagon ones. The square ones I currently have on my coffee table and I am obsessed with them, but I love hexagon and geometric shapes right now so I also just purchased the other set. Don’t tell my husband haha. These protect your table while also adding a beautiful little accent wherever you put them.

I hope you guys found some items that you love or just enjoyed reading. I will be updating with more posts as I find great decor items on Amazon. Sound off below if you would like to see best organization items from Amazon? Also, subscribe so you never miss a post.

Much Love,


*All Photos linked using affiliate link to Amazon.

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