6 Things I Would Change About My Wedding

Hey everyone! Can you believe how fast the year has gone? September is here and fall is right around the corner! I am already craving apple cider and cozy sweaters, but I LOVE fall. Have you started thinking about Fall Decor? Do you decorate for fall? Let me know in the comments below.

I have 2 weddings in the month of September to attend so it has me all in my feels, reminiscing on when I walked down the aisle. Of course, there are always things you think, OH that would have been a good idea or I wish I did this. So, I thought I would write about them. Jake and I got married on August 5th, 2017 in Red Wing Minnesota. It was the barn wedding of my dreams and our family and friends made it so ridiculously fun. We chose to plan it in around 6 months. I was planning from Colorado and we did most of it ourselves to keep the budget manageable. We were both still in school and broke as a joke lol. Luckily, we had tons of help from family and friends but if I could, these are the things I would have improved 🙂

#1. Day of Coordinator

The wedding I was in this weekend was so smooth. There were 20 people in the bridal party and it was still so smooth. Impressive right? I remember the day of my wedding. I DIY’ed everything and NO ONE besides me knew where anything went. I was running around the venue in curlers with my under-eye baking telling people where things went. It worked out, it wasn’t perfect but no one who attends knows the difference haha. I wish I had someone the day of to be running around so I could have relaxed a bit more. It did keep me busy though so I never had time to sit around and get nervous!


#2. Second Shooter

I had an amazing photographer. Adam Asdale photography, but weddings were not his norm. So he wasn’t necessarily the one to know exactly what needed to come next in terms of order of photos or if we missed anything. I wish I had a second shooter to capture a few more moments as well as who knew what order and what pictures not to miss. Adam had an amazing, creative style that I loved. He got a picture of my Father and I dancing that will forever be one of my favorite photos of my life.

#3. Care Less about Small Details

I was so worried about every detail. How the napkins were folded, centerpieces, what guests would be thinking at every point. Really, half of what I worried about, no one would have known the difference. I love how everything turned out and some of that was due to worrying about every detail, but I could have relaxed a little. Bless Jake and his patience! haha We did all our own centerpieces and bouquets. The center pieces were 4 ft. long flower boxes Jake and I built that were filled with flowers. The result was beautiful, but I worried about so many other little details for the tables that really didn’t matter.


I LOVED my dress, but I am not small chested and I spent a lot of the night tugging on it to make sure it stayed up. I wish I had just gone with straps because I would have been so much more comfortable. Luckily, my seamstress had sewn me in nice and tight and it never got too low. Any other ladies dream of strapless but realize they really need straps?

#5. Hire a Tear Down Crew

We had to tear down the wedding after it was all over. Probably my fault for sticking around to help but I couldn’t just leave my family and friends to tear down. I felt too guilty after all everyone had done to put this wedding together. At the end of the day, I wish I just hired people I didn’t really know to do tear down so that I didn’t have to feel bad and my poor Mother-in-law could get to bed faster. Bless her, my wedding would have never happened if it wasn’t for her being so amazing and helping so much. This is the only picture I have to show how the tables were laid out. The head table was at the very front and then there were two x shapes with the cake in the middle on a round table. We came up with the table layout last minute and it turned out really cool.

#6. Less amateur videographer

We hired a student to do our video. Unfortunately, one of his cameras that was supposed to get a lot of the ceremony footage was lost and so we only have bits and pieces. We never cared about how perfect the video was and were totally okay with something less edited, but we were disappointed that those moments weren’t fully captured. We do still have a beautiful video to re-watch for the rest of our life and are glad we did something.


#7. Used Our Own Caterer

Our venue forced us to use their preferred caterer. We had absolutely fallen in the love with the venue and just couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else so we stuck it out. While the food was great, the process was awful. The caterer was really hard to work with and had outrageous pricing. At one point they wanted us to wristband our guests for 21 and up. It was such a frustrating process, but luckily no one who attended the wedding knew because the day of they were awesome and the food was fantastic.

These are such MINOR things in the grand scheme. Jake and I absolutely loved our wedding and all the love and effort that went into it by our family and friends. It may not have been perfect but it was hand crafted for us. We are so blessed to have such selfless family and friends. We look back on that day with so much love. No wedding is ever completely perfect but what makes it perfect is the love shared. If you are getting married soon, Relax. The most important thing is that you marry the love of your life. The rest is noise. Thanks for reading as always and cheers to Love.

With Love,


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