Fall Decor Favorites-Amazon

Fall is in the air! I am so excited. It is my favorite time of year both for fashion and decor. I wanted to include some of my easy fall decor must haves that you can get sent right from your door from Amazon. They are inexpensive and easy to switch out once the season is over. Do you decorate for fall? Let me know in the comments below. Click the picture to check out the item on Amazon.

#1. Pillow Covers

Black and white is a huge trend for fall, especially the plaid. I got these super cute pillow covers and they were super easy to put on as well as easy to wash if I need to. I just covered up some of my regular pillows and then will take them off once we are done with fall. Simple and easy to store until next year. Some of my other favorite pillow covers for fall are:

#2. Cozy Blankets

Cozy blankets are the epitome of fall. They both serve a purpose to warm you up as the temperature drops, but also to warm up your space. This big chunky knitted blanket adds beautiful warmth and texture to any space and is perfect to grab while you drink a pumpkin spice latte and watch the leaves turn. I love the chunky knit because it reminds me of fall sweaters which is one of the best parts about fall. I love when I get to start wearing cozy fall sweaters.


#3 Candles

Candles are one of the BEST parts of fall and there are so many good ones on Amazon. This one is my absolute favorite. I have never found another candle that smells like it. It is the perfect fall scent. Not too overwhelming, but fills your house with warm fall woodsy scent. It is also free of a lot of the chemicals that most candles have which makes it okay to take that wonderful aroma in.

#4 Flowers

I love bringing fall colors into my home with flowers. I don’t always have the time to go out and get real mums to put out in my home so I love looking for alternatives on Amazon. I have a lot of greenery around my home during the summer but like to switch it out with stems that have shades of orange or red in the fall. Here is one of my favorite fake flowers you can get on Amazon. They look great and can help you incorporate fall tones into any space. The picture shown is red but they also come in yellow and ivory.

#5 Artwork/signs

If you are looking for just a bouquet that is already put together, for a table or shelf, this one is absolutely stunning and depending what you put it with could go with any season. The ivory works with warm fall tones or cool winter tones and eucalyptus mixed in keeps it fresh enough to transition through summer. The more seasons you can get out of your decor the better for your wallet!

This might be my absolute favorite find! As I mentioned, this year the trend seems to be all about black and white so I already loved the fall sign but the big bonus is that you can flip it over and use it for Christmas! I love decor that you can transition from season to season with just a simple switch. This a perfect piece to take you from one season to the next with ease and great for bang for your buck!


#6 Wreaths

I am extremely picky about wreaths. I think it is because they can become so busy looking and I tend to be drawn to clean and simple. However, I love the look of this one. It is a nice shade of red that isn’t too bright but will go with a lot of front door paint colors. It also would look beautiful on a shelf or hung on a wall inside. Wreaths are a nice way to add a pop of fall to your home, especially from the outside.

#7 Pumpkins

Fall is all about pumpkins and harvest so I love to put a few fake pumpkins around my house. I like to vary the size and color which is why I love both of these. There are options for different sizes, mixes of colors and shapes. The white I love because you can transition them into the winter time by doing pine cones and greenery with them. It is hard not to love orange because it is such a classic fall pumpkin. That is why I end up mixing and matching!

I hope you all get a little fall inspiration out of today’s blog. It is so much fun to decorate for seasons. It makes your home look fun and cozy and ready for the holidays, which is what this time of year is all about! Get ordering on Amazon, and get ready for fall. Thanks for reading!


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