Hey everyone, I hope you are enjoying the holiday season so far. Jake and I had a pretty fun Halloween with good friends and are really looking forward to Thanksgiving with his family in Minnesota. Have you started decorating? I would love to see your decor, please send me some photos of your fall or Christmas decor you have going on. If you don’t already follow me on IG so you can keep up with me in between blogs @just.the.johnsons. Also, I took a poll and it looks like video content is more appealing so soon I will be putting out more video content for you all.

Today’s blog is a storytime:

I have been advertising for my business in my little town and around the local areas and I had made a post just announcing I would be doing consults for interior design now open to the public. For a while, I have just been staging the houses I have listed or working for friends and family. I was really excited about this announcement. The post had only been up for a night when I received a comment, it was along the lines of….”I was looking for an interior designer that is local to work with and went to your website and the first thing I saw was a bible verse, so I clicked off immediately. If you want your business to appeal to everyone I suggest you rethink having that on your website”…..She went on to make some snarky remarks about how my business would never get off the ground.

I was pretty furious and humiliated. No one had really reacted to my post aside from one lady and here I am getting blasted on a public forum, about 10k people follow this page I posted to. I immediately called Jake and began to rant about how so many businesses share their beliefs and are successful and why couldn’t she have said that privately. I asked if I should take it down. He told me to leave it up and not to let her win. I said a silent prayer of protection.

You guys, God is so cool. This post turned around in my favor. Within 24 hours there were over 60 people commenting to defend me including people who didn’t share my beliefs. Many people reached out to ask about my services and said they would be referring me business. I was so moved over the whole thing. People from all different belief systems decided on that page that enough was enough. NO bullying people for their beliefs. As a Christian, the biggest thing I believe in is to love and serve people regardless of their beliefs or anything else. God calls us to love the way he loves. Unconditionally and all people. My faith in humanity is rekindled as we live in a world where it is so hard at times to stand on your faith. God gave me the ability to have this business, any talents I have and any business I get and I will continue to give him the credit.

I hope whatever you believe in, you don’t have to hide or feel persecuted. Christians have not always lived strictly by love, but I know the Christians I know and the church I go to are here to break the pattern. Love all and serve all is how we all change the world regardless of anything else.

Thank you all for reading. I hope if you run a business you never have to experience this, but if you do that you also find strength in your community and people rally for you.

With so much love,


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